Saturday, October 30, 2004

we be dreamin

i caught up with an old friend last night. we decided to go off to pick up all the stuff i have lying around.

first stop was my great aunt's farm. except she'd sold it and it had been turned into a motel. we booked in under a false name, making sure to steal the maid's keys.

finally, we found the room where all my old clothes were stored. We literally had 10 seconds before someone came in. thank fuck it was long enough for me to rip through the wardrobes and stuff it all into my big bag (which was under one of the closets).

We ran out through the front, a fish and chip shop, where there was this girl who looked like Mena Suvari.

Next stop was a chance to visit a few old friends in this little country town but we couldn't find anything there.

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