Sunday, October 24, 2004

try try again

i've had better days. i've been the star of many plays.
reading t's blog, i feel like my life is missing something.

i guess it started last night. my friend r, who has the same birthday as me... no it was earlier than that.

shit, i've been reading way too much winterson lately.

oh yeah, it could have been the family dinner on tuesday. no, that's ground well covered over.

or could it be the world's most pathetic text message, which i still keep in my phone for stupid reasons?

one of my oldest and dearest friends decided to tell me she wasn't coming to my birthday drinks last weekend - at 1am on the night of the drinks - with the following message:

Dearest Bads33d. Happy happy birthday. Hope you're having a wonderful time. Ciao :-)

What the fuck was that?

(did i mention she didn't even bother to call me on my actual birthday?)

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