Friday, October 06, 2006

if daisy duke lived in the ghetto and was male, he'd be wearing...

a sleeveless yellow hoodie, short! (almost hotpant short) denim shorts and green footy socks that had sagged over his/her sandy hiking boots.

Well, that's what I wore to sleaze. thanks to J, especially, for the costume idea. anyways, some responses on seeing the costume:

Co-worker IM Convo
> omg
it was my outfit for sleaze ball
> Have you ever heard of Daisey Dukes?
> cute
> lol
> you couldn't find shorter shorts?

The McNinja response:

> Love it! You look terribly ghetto fabulous darling!
> Hee hee.


> Promise me you'll NEVER dress up for me! I love you, you know that but
> I'm seriously creeped out right now.


> Your hot. I love it!!!

Hmmm... When added with the comments about my legs (people kept grabbing my arse, i had drag queens openly wishing they had them, one guy couldn't stop talking to my crotch...) resounding success, I think.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Something for Lady M

So, last year, Lady M got a bunch of requests from people wondering what I would like for my birthday. Usually, I prefer to let people work out what I like, but apparently my tastes are so eclectic or something and it's hard to do it.

So I've made it easier for everyone and include a link to my Amazon wishlist.