Friday, March 16, 2007

Ukrainian-Irish Stuff

So, I received a completely unreadable email from my cousin today (strangely enough, not an unusual occurrence). Unreadable, that is, except for this image:

Which of course made me think that I really want to head to that t-shirt store where they print what you want on t-shirts for you with the following design:

St Patrick's Day
getting Ugly Catholics pregnant
ever since the bastard killed that dragon.

(Yes, I realise that it was in fact St George that slayed the dragon. I was brought up Catholic - and I am thoroughly relishing the idea of getting preggers tomorrow).

Sunday, March 11, 2007

we love claudia

I realise I talk a lot about his penguinness, but that may be just because he seems to be the one who writes the most amount of copy that I can link to. There are a few other stars in the family who deserve equal amounts of attention.

Instead of harp about each of them together, I would just love to say how much I enjoy the rantings of one claudia marckx. Claudia rocks - as a friend, as one hell of an intellectual and as a frequent contributor to the SMH letters page. And she can write - albeit infrequently.

It just makes it so much easier to dismiss her inexplicable love of Clover Moore.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

what a beautiful photoshoot - what a shame the model is a whore...

I'm growing to really love Disconap. They're always introducing me to some fantastic new acts.

As anyone who knows me will tell you, Saturday morning is sacred to me - I spend it reading the paper (just heading out to pick it up right now, actually), attempt the cryptic crossword and flicking through various blogs and websites - places like QueerPenguin, Dr McNinja, Able and Baker, GoFugYourself, Queerty (gotta love those Morning Goods), Same Same (hi Christian!), Threadbared, SocialiteLife, The Huffington Post, Dlist, (did you know they actually have good interviews once in a while? Well, I do now!) and countless others. Some are necessary reading, others when I'm in the mood. I think Disconap has now definitely has got its 'necessary' box ticked.

And every so often, they come up with something so funny, I have to share it somehow - like the Sports Illustrated combined Swimsuit & Music edition. I mean, as if I would ever look at SI - I'd have to be introduced to it by some straight guy, or at least a music website (yes, that sounded strange to me, too).

Aaaaannnnyyywayyyy, one of the genius moments that they had was getting the kids from Panic! At the Disco to do a shoot with a model in a swimsuit. (Did I mention that I learnt about P!ATD from The St James Version - another Saturday morning favourite?) As every one of the two blog entries I've read about this has mentioned, there's just way too much stage makeup on those boys - great for Julie Henderson, I guess, cos she looks absolutely hot compared to those wannabe-pansy-queers. I mean, check out the eyebrows on Brendon Urie (I've just learnt that the kids call him 'Bden' - so cute! And lame too!).

On a VAGUELY related note, I still don't understand that 'Sins not Tragedies' song. I mean, what constitutes a 'sense of poise and rationality'? Maybe I've misheard it and it's actually a sense of poison rationality - in which case, does this mean that it's some form of 'rationality' that poisons the mind, or is it actually Poison rationality, which makes you sometimes wish to God you didn't know now the things you didn't know then?

Ok, enough of the P!ATD bashing - my internal homophobia can now return to its cage having mauled its target of the week.

So, like, yeah, I will definitely read DN more often.

It Came from WTF [DN]
Swimsuits! at the Disco aka Why Is Ryan Ross Not In Briefs? [So More Scene]

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

a bit of the new...

ok, so i've been listening to different musicians lately. some of the musicians i've been listening to recently:

  1. Augie March - Loving the new album!
  2. Hot Chip. Over and Over has been stuck in my head for ages, and listening to them has also introduced me to:
  3. Amy Winehouse. That Dinah Washington thing with her voice is amazing - and the Hot Chip remix of Rehab rocks.
  4. Mika - you gotta love, love him.
  5. Lily Allen. She's foul mouthed and pretends to not not be middle class - too many similarities there...
  6. The Gossip. Ok, so Beth Ditto got voted rock person of the year or whatever, and that's how i found out about them, but there's just something about that band...
Anyway, that's enough. I have to be... somewhere else.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Last Impressions also count...

I've been avoiding writing blog entries for a while. Not because I don't enjoy writing (I do, when I get myself into it), or because I haven't had topics (I have), but because I've been really uninterested in spending my whole time looking back. I'm trying to change my life at the moment (as usual), and am a little concerned that my blog writing has become nothing more than a wallowing exercise.

Which makes this post somewhat puzzling. But it has it's reason - it's here to remind me of the sorts of situations I never want to be in again. Just to quickly recap (film-brochure style):

After moving out of a tedious household situation and escaping a string of morons and commitment-phobs in his personal life, Bads33d decides that he needs to focus on career goals and setting himself up financially before he can consider living with other people or dating someone. Unsurprisingly, within two weeks, he meets someone interesting and proceeds to start seeing him. All is well for two months, until he receives an unusual email one Friday morning...

So, I'm just about to post the email. This is not vindictive - frankly, I think the guy I was seeing has enough issues not to need another one added to the list, and besides I deliberately waited a few weeks before posting this. I guess it's to act as a personal mnemonic device: I've placed it up somewhere to remind myself how not to go about breaking up with someone and
just the sorts of thing that I've been letting myself get in and basically need to avoid.
Anyway, without further ado:

My thought for the day,
The desire to succeed means nothing without the will to prepare!
Funny that, I can so relate.

Babe I really need to talk to you about you and I.
Won’t go to too much detail at the moment but rather face to face as that would be more appropriate.

In brief, you said you ‘didn’t want a weekend boyfriend a while ago’.
Well I feel that may well be the case dating me.

I feel really bad because that’s all I’m able to offer you. I can well imagine you’re probably just as frustrated as I am at the moment and that will be very damaging to our relationship if we continue or rather if I continue doing this to you.

You’re a beautiful souls and a beautiful man and have a huge heart, but I just don’t want to lead you on and hurt you.
Quite honestly, I really love your company, your intellect and your scattiness even more. It’s a constant form of entertainment.

I really believe our intimate beginnings have made for a strong foundation to base a friendship on.
I said that if this didn’t work out I’d still love to have you around as a friend and I still stand by that comment.
I do want you around as a friend.

Hopefully after reading this you too want to maintain a friendship.
I not though, I also understand.

Give me a call or send an email and let me know what your thoughts are.

My immediate thought when I received this? Oh shit, here I am again.

That said, I've been thinking about my approach to life a lot lately. I don't have an answer to it all, but I do have a few ideas. More on this soon...