Sunday, March 11, 2007

we love claudia

I realise I talk a lot about his penguinness, but that may be just because he seems to be the one who writes the most amount of copy that I can link to. There are a few other stars in the family who deserve equal amounts of attention.

Instead of harp about each of them together, I would just love to say how much I enjoy the rantings of one claudia marckx. Claudia rocks - as a friend, as one hell of an intellectual and as a frequent contributor to the SMH letters page. And she can write - albeit infrequently.

It just makes it so much easier to dismiss her inexplicable love of Clover Moore.


cvm said...


Thank you kitten. And i know you feel the Clover dog-collar things too. It's hott..

Bads33d said...

The dog collar could be a good thing if I could love her publicity-seeking, overly-dramatic ways.

She may be a politician, but really... Shouldn't that be left to her constituency?