Thursday, February 14, 2008

Which would you choose?*

*hint: gift ideas ahead.

I've blogged before about how much I adore Claudia introducing me to Cat and Girl.

Now, even though I'm stone broke from moving house and paying off an innumerable amount of bills, while waiting for some stuff to be completed at work, I did what one does when one is in such a hideous financial state: went window shopping on webstores for new t-shirts. And apart from the "dead presidents doing the Thriller" dance or "Ninjas can't catch you" t-shirts on the Dr McNinja store, pretty much everything is on the Cat and Girl store.

Of course, this comes to the most horrible of dilemmas: which one should I get?

There's the Future Corpses of America:

The There is no God:

Or The Babysitters' Club:

I mean, it's a really, REALLY difficult decision.