Monday, February 27, 2006

big fish, little fish

i'm sick at the moment. second time in 8 weeks. my doctor tells me it's due to stress.

debating whether to bother going to the mardi gras party this weekend.

wondering how much more bs i can put up with in my job before i involuntarily blurt out i'm quitting.

of course, the incessant house arrest i've put myself in to recover has ended with cabin fever - which inevitably leads to me analysing my life at the moment. typically, i'm not happy.

W thinks i should just take a deep breath, pack up all my emotions into a little box and then continue getting by until i've managed to get hold of a new job, but i just want out as soon as possible.

Ksquared think i should just appreciate the german boi (going on 5 weeks now), but i just want to see him more often than once a week.

Most of all, I want to clear any residual BS and get going on the next stage of my life. Why is that so difficult for me?