Saturday, December 15, 2007

i think the universe is telling me something...

the campaign to get me to admit to my judaism seems to be ramping up. i had a very funny moment last week walking past the temple round the corner from my house, where the security guards moved aside to let me through - even though i was clearly walking past and not into the grounds.

then this morning, i come across this t-shirt, which i totally want almost completely based on the cool little preview screen that magnifies the image. given my dislike of christmases (unless they're the white variety we tend to have here in sydney) with the family fights and the screaming children and the horrifically tone-deaf carollers, the thought of converting is starting to appeal.

then i remember what i'd have to lose to become one of God's chosen. no rush on that one.

that, and i'm an atheist. might be a bit of trouble to convince the rabbi that the goy that looks jewish should just become one.


Monday, December 10, 2007

All I want for christmas...

I've been wondering what I want to do next now that I'm allowed to go back to the gym. Then I found this:

One word: shoulders.

[PEN15 club: MVP(en15): James Marsden]
[innerjoejoe: iCandy: Josh, James & Beckham]