Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Insight: a typical badsd33d work day

Meetings, emails, etc. and then...

The Big Gay Bank Customer

Observe how we at (unnamed software customer) consider this customer (with one of the other poofs in the office):

bads33d 12:50:16
omg, our latest customer? big gay tax haven, methinks:
it's all very pride down south...

Coworker 12:51:03

bads33d 12:51:34
i wonder if it's run by a mysterious man who walks with a cane that has a knife hidden inside

Coworker 12:51:53

bads33d 12:51:59
and his wife is a famous cabaret singer who strangely marries his right hand man when he disappears, presumed dead

Coworker 12:52:12

bads33d 12:52:40
i wonder if they have an esoteric bartender who plays guitar with her late at night?!?
12:53:36 i always wanted one of those...

Coworker 12:53:59

bads33d 12:54:03
can you imagine? you walk in, and they're playing 'put the blame on mame' on the speakers...