Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hangover Sunday

Somehow, half of sydney decided to go out last night. It was so mad, I managed to walk from the Barracks to Taylor Square on Oxford st (a distance of a good 500m) faster than the cars next to me.

Anyway, a big result of this is that I have a tequila hangover and am not capable of offering more than some random quips this week.

Anyway, I caught up with a friend of mine at Slide. He was there for the birthday party for a guy I went out with I think on one date, and I can't remember exactly, but he didn't call me back or something, so I thought he was a prick, then he gave me this huge apology a month ago at the Green Park, but I digress. So this friend, J, (aka. not the not-quite-prick birthday boy) has been having this on-off thing with one of those morons who is always chasing after him with flattering text messages. In typical style, the guy never follows through by meeting with him. Anyway, J's confused and hurt by the whole thing, so we just agreed to get drunk. Then he picked up, and I ended up having tequila slams with La Skankalita, his sister and some random ginger.

So, Lily Allen. I'm a big fan of Lily - so are the GFY girls incidentally (like here and here). But I'd never seen the film clip for Smile until this morning. It's fabulous - great for those 'i've just been dumped by you and you're a total prick so i should totally get my friends to trash your life the way you've trashed mine' moments. Check it out:

Oh, and if all else fails - you could just play a game of faceball.

[Barseed: Slide]
[Gofugyourself:Well Played: Lily Allen]
[Gofugyourself:Well Played: Lily Allen]
[Lily Allen]

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Apparently, all I need is a white streak of some sort...

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Random Harry Potter Saturday

Some thoughts (I've only read the first chapter):
  • Typical - Voldemort WOULD stay at the Malfoys
  • Who would honestly cast Wormwood as the Dungeon Keeper?
  • Based on the friendship quote at the beginning of the book, I bet Hermione, Ron or Neville are going down. And given it's the last book, all are equally likely.
  • Maybe Bellatrix and Neville will have their showdown. That would be pretty cool.
Also, based on the conversation Lady M and I had on the way to breakfast, Italians can easily be summed up as the Baker of the piece (that would be the monkey):

And since it's been a while since I blogged, some random thoughts.
  • Chore Wars. Is there any better way to get geeks to clean their room?
  • My friend CK and I have decided, in response to that stupid Sociology paper comparing myspace and facebook users, that we are going to trash our Facebook profiles up with all sorts of useless applications. So far, I am a Lieftenant Zombie, my stripper name is Kyle Bangleboss, I routinely Food Fight, I get useless gifts from friends, my Graffiti wall includes a drawing of my head while hungover and a picture of a crocodile, and I'm twins with the wilma and the morag.
  • I want a Glen Hanson Golden Girls t-shirt! So does Weasel, I suspect.
  • Simpsonize me sucks. As a comparison, look at what I came up with on the Simpsons Movie site (the first one) and the crappy Simpsonize Me version (from a frontal, and NOT side on, photo taken on my spanky new MacBook - further down):

[Able and Baker]
[Chore Wars]
[GMSV: Honey, about your new boyfriend — your mom and I think he’s a little too “MySpacey” for you]
[Glen Hanson]
[weasel's wacky world of poptaculosity]
[Simpsonize Me]
[Simpsons Movie]