Tuesday, March 06, 2007

a bit of the new...

ok, so i've been listening to different musicians lately. some of the musicians i've been listening to recently:

  1. Augie March - Loving the new album!
  2. Hot Chip. Over and Over has been stuck in my head for ages, and listening to them has also introduced me to:
  3. Amy Winehouse. That Dinah Washington thing with her voice is amazing - and the Hot Chip remix of Rehab rocks.
  4. Mika - you gotta love, love him.
  5. Lily Allen. She's foul mouthed and pretends to not not be middle class - too many similarities there...
  6. The Gossip. Ok, so Beth Ditto got voted rock person of the year or whatever, and that's how i found out about them, but there's just something about that band...
Anyway, that's enough. I have to be... somewhere else.

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