Saturday, March 10, 2007

what a beautiful photoshoot - what a shame the model is a whore...

I'm growing to really love Disconap. They're always introducing me to some fantastic new acts.

As anyone who knows me will tell you, Saturday morning is sacred to me - I spend it reading the paper (just heading out to pick it up right now, actually), attempt the cryptic crossword and flicking through various blogs and websites - places like QueerPenguin, Dr McNinja, Able and Baker, GoFugYourself, Queerty (gotta love those Morning Goods), Same Same (hi Christian!), Threadbared, SocialiteLife, The Huffington Post, Dlist, (did you know they actually have good interviews once in a while? Well, I do now!) and countless others. Some are necessary reading, others when I'm in the mood. I think Disconap has now definitely has got its 'necessary' box ticked.

And every so often, they come up with something so funny, I have to share it somehow - like the Sports Illustrated combined Swimsuit & Music edition. I mean, as if I would ever look at SI - I'd have to be introduced to it by some straight guy, or at least a music website (yes, that sounded strange to me, too).

Aaaaannnnyyywayyyy, one of the genius moments that they had was getting the kids from Panic! At the Disco to do a shoot with a model in a swimsuit. (Did I mention that I learnt about P!ATD from The St James Version - another Saturday morning favourite?) As every one of the two blog entries I've read about this has mentioned, there's just way too much stage makeup on those boys - great for Julie Henderson, I guess, cos she looks absolutely hot compared to those wannabe-pansy-queers. I mean, check out the eyebrows on Brendon Urie (I've just learnt that the kids call him 'Bden' - so cute! And lame too!).

On a VAGUELY related note, I still don't understand that 'Sins not Tragedies' song. I mean, what constitutes a 'sense of poise and rationality'? Maybe I've misheard it and it's actually a sense of poison rationality - in which case, does this mean that it's some form of 'rationality' that poisons the mind, or is it actually Poison rationality, which makes you sometimes wish to God you didn't know now the things you didn't know then?

Ok, enough of the P!ATD bashing - my internal homophobia can now return to its cage having mauled its target of the week.

So, like, yeah, I will definitely read DN more often.

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