Friday, October 22, 2004

back to mine

song of the moment: christina & missy car wash

I'm feeling better than I have been for a while. I actually feel half human, and am contemplating whether or not to head out in a little bit for a touch of the boogie.

This last week has been fun. i've gone out a little bit, caught up with a different set of friends every night (except sunday and monday) and survived the whole family thing.

Plus my CV is looking majorly kickass, and my options re: houses are looking amazing.

I've finished a report I've been working on for a year and a half.

I managed to impress a friend whose work I idolise, which is pretty cool, too. I caught up with him when I decided to ditch an industry lecture on wednesday, and we were chatting away about all the stuff that's happened since i saw him last (about a year ago). He was telling me about his travels, I was telling him about the whole move thing. Either way, it was a good convo, and I kinda sensed a little urst-y thing going on. Which is very cool - he is an incredibly hot boi, but I've never got that impression from him before.

Anyway, back to life as I don't want to know it.

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