Monday, October 11, 2004

another day less

so my computer is working again. typically, it was some hardware error.

anyway, it's been another typical melbourne day.
i woke up to find there was no hot water - my sis had decided to wash all her clothes while everyone else was having showers. so, cold showers and no shave for me.

after getting much pollen blown through my hayfever ridden eyes, i got to work feeling nauseous. then i found that there was only filing, letter typing and envelope stuffing to do all day.

i hid out in the little shopping centre across the road from the office for lunch, but kept having annoying colleagues walk up to ask me stupid questions now that they've *finally* clicked i'm one of the 'gay ones.'

i got home to hear my sister whinge about the day she's had and how i'm not helping because i don't want to watch who wants to millionaire, and my brother to tell me how much i need to take other people's feelings into consideration.

and people wonder why i want to leave melbourne?!

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