Sunday, October 17, 2004

no sex thankyou, i've had my fill of sangria

day count: 2 sleeps to my birthday. 30 sleeps to sydney.

three nights of celebrating is getting to me.

1. i went to my friend S's for a dinner party. somehow, after the huge pitcher of sangriawe all drank, i managed to sleep in til 10am the next morning. i got given way too much shift from my CRM's at work. so this is what happens when you don't have a life...

2. i went to catch up with my fave temp consultant, A, for a few drinks after work on friday - without realising it was her birthday. after turning up at 11am for work, i was so busy that i didn't have lunch. not having dinner, either, meant that all the drinks we had REALLY got to my head. so...

3. i woke up saturday afternoon still drunk. i vomited in the shower, spent the next eight hours making myself presentable, and then headed off to my birthday drinks with such a jelly stomach i can't describe. oy vey.

birthday drinks were good, but i'm sick of people who say they're coming and don't turn up. oh well... their loss. :P

so i'm not feeling very human at the end of the weekend. at least i have yet another week of dreary administration work to look forward to.

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