Friday, May 25, 2007

You say 'tag', I write 'wtf'

Ok, I've been tagged, which means something - I'm not sure exactly what, but gathering on other posts, I'm supposed to give eight random facts about myself. I think. Here goes:

  • I didn't speak English until I was four. However, I used to speak Ukrainian pretty much fluently from the age of two until four. Funny to consider when I try to speak in ukrainian to grandma on the phone, or even the amount of verbal diarrhoea that I spew forth in english nowadays.
  • My mother was almost an Italian citizen. She was born within a couple of weeks of my grandparents arriving in Australia from Trieste. Coulda woulda shoulda prada, but it may have meant that my siblings and I could get an EU faster than waiting for either Bosnia or Ukraine to become proper members.
  • Whilst at university, I used to work as a bussie at the coolest drum and bass night in Melbourne - this was when I had no sense of style. God knows how I managed to score so many drugs, dressed up in black dress pants, a black Bonds t-shirt and crappy dress shoes.
  • Speaking of university, when I was queer officer at Melbourne University Student Union, we had the inaugural Queer Recruitment week, including all manner of military imagery for the posters. The queers loved and hated it, but it managed to get a laugh out of practically everyone, even the military recruiters all over campus. (To give credit, the idea was my co-office bearer's - I just got to have fun with Photoshop, Quark and Illustrator putting the pics together).
  • Oh, for Queer Recruitment week, we had a karaoke night, for which I turned up in the gayest outfit I've ever worn (I think I might still have the olive mesh top lying around somewhere). When noone wanted to go first, my co-QOB got me to go up and chose the song - Aqua's Barbie Girl.
  • Screw You by Elton John is one of my favourite songs.
  • I really don't like Carson Cressley.
  • Or Gretel Killeen. More specifically, Gretel's stylist.
  • For that matter, I'm not a fan of Bathy's stylist either.
  • Big fan of Bathy, tho - Love her work. Apparently, she makes great cupcakes for la Wilma, too.
Oops. 10 points. Right, who's next? Manky?

[Some random person that this is all due to]


cvm said...

I think everyone hate Gretel's stylist. We should use he/r as a weapon methinks..

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

Anonymous said...

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