Friday, May 04, 2007

here i thought brothers and sisters was getting too much SD-6 action

WARNING: Spoilers ahead (this is for Lady M)

OK, so four days into SF and i've barely had a chance to experience this city. That said, I've caught up with a lot of TV watching, meaning I've gotten very confused with the shows that run however many weeks ahead here. For example:

  • Eva Longoria is engaged to the watersports senator from Sex and the City
  • Evil Francie from Alias is Madison from Grey's Anatomy's best friend
  • The bastard daughter in Brothers & Sisters is committing adultery with one of her half-brothers-in-law
  • OH, and I just watched Tyra Banks freak out at the sight of furry animals on her chat show - to the point where she knocked over half her set.
I forgot how weird this country is. Oh, and the one night I did go out:
  • I got serenaded by a wannabe opera singer. Cute, but not as cute as
  • The filmmaker I met in the smoking room of the bar
  • or the Dutch travellers and their pseudo-boyfriends at Badlands
More later...

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cvm said...

So glad to hear you're having a ball/s.

Do come back though. Soon.

Tuesdays are far too sober for my liking at the moment.... xx