Friday, September 17, 2004

my brother the pimp (pt i)

song of the moment: stuck in a moment you can't get out of by u2

so i have this thing against being set up. by anyone.

my brother left this message on my phone just before work yesterday, saying he needed to speak to me ASAP. it sounded kinda urgent.

so i ring him, to see what's happening.

for the last coupla months, every so often he's been telling me how i need to meet this guy from his work. my response, as usual, has been to tell him to bring him round.

The big emergency, it turns out, is that this guy from work is finishing tonight. and he really wants to meet me at his work drinks. let me think about this:

This is wrong because

1) I'm sick of str8 ppl presuming that because i'm gay and single, and the other guy is gay & single we'll click immediately. i mean, there is a limit to my slut status...

2) what has my bro been telling this guy?

3) why on earth would i even consider this under normal conditions?

4) what on earth are normal conditions for me??

i said ok. now what?

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