Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Dream Life

I've flown up to Brisbane for the first time, to visit my family's new home. They've bought another house in the city, which for some reason resembles a giant sandstone pier, with Movieworld jostling against the city on the shoreline.

The house is gigantic, as you'd expect in Brisvegas. The foyer is like the one in The Nanny. I walk up this excessively vast staircase, to find three bedrooms and a tiny little door, which I presume goes off to the bathroom. I know immediately that they've completely forgotten I exist, and haven't even bothered to set aside some room for me.

I walk up to my brother, who has installed the door from his bedroom back in Melbourne. He's trying to get rid of the stickers on his door with a fork or something. I point out to him that he should use the steam feature on the iron, and proceed to show him how.

The iron works a lot better than i expected - it gets rid of the paint on the door, to reveal beautiful redwood panelling underneath. He's shocked, and I'm happy.

Then I wake up, feeling fucking fantastic for the first time in months. Don't ask why.

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