Sunday, September 05, 2004

Mini-er Mes and Friendly Fruits

track of the moment: the crystal method - born too slow (Eric Morillo Mix)

forgive the self-indulgence of this entry - it's been a while since i sat down to type. it's gonna take a while to get back in the swing.

i guess this would be my first blog entry. i used to have something similar a few years ago when i lived in syd. to bring you up to speed, life's a bit weird having been back in melbourne for a year and a half.

i'm still living with my family, which i swore i would never do beyond a couple of months.

i'm working a boring admin job for a finance company, in which I get to file or make excel spreadsheets all day.

oh and i'm in this weird space *yet again* where every guy i meet is either in an open relationship or else screwed up royally or just plain stupid.

and now i've released some pent up aggression about the whole sitch, there are some good things going on in my life.

i can actually afford to save, and still have money set aside to buy a few things here and there. which also means that i can get back to sydney by the end of the year.

i have really cool friends who, tho i may not see them as often as i'd like, are there for each other.

i dunno, it's all a bit confusing at the mo.

like last night.

i went to M's birthday drinks. and well M is not exactly a close friend. really nice guy when you can pin him down, but has this insane need to put people down. his gf P is like that too, so i wasn't expecting much from the two of them.

but it was cool. it turns out all their friends who turned up know how to keep them in check, mellow them enough for a good night out.

so we ended up barhopping through the city, before i headed over to meccanoid@public office. the theme was 'corporate whores' so i slipped into a nasty shirt and tie combo (lilac pinstripe shirt, bright red tie) and continued on to find myself being accosted by the best friend of an ex-housemate. turns out the ex-h had sent him over to tell me not to speak to him. i mean, that was lame.

anyway, the party gave me a chance to catch up with S & A, two good friends i lurve. and they pulled up to the task, making sure i was fine for drugs, drinks and dance. oh and the occasional good convo.

A and i have the same name, so he keeps trying to call me 'mini me.' cept, he's like 5 foot nothing, and i point that out to him every time we see each other (being 6'3 has its advantages i guess). so we end up having this stupid routine, like 'no, you're the mini-me.' you get the drift - it's not funny to anyone else but us.

whatever else, i ended up having a good time nonetheless, and that was cool.

fuck that was a lame entry.

note to self:
write when i'm not coming down or feeling uninspired. or all three.

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