Sunday, September 12, 2004

Cleaning up elephant shit

track of the moment: theme from the valley of the dolls

There's a running joke in my family, and it's not that funny. My dad is like a big elephant, who clumsily stumbles around, and we're like the little guys at the circus/zoo who follow him around, sweeping up his shit.

Except that lately, it feels like i'm the whole family's elephant shit-sweeper. it ain't pretty.

To add insult, despite all the stuff i do for the fam, i'm the one who's accused of being the egotistical one. The funny thing is, the way the individual members of my family work, I end up looking like the meek wallflower in comparison to their bloated heads. Sometimes, i feel like walking around with a nice big pin to prick them with.

Oh, the joys of living with famiglia...

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