Friday, October 05, 2007

Things I thought would never happen to me.

1) I would enjoy a Vanessa Amorosi performance

Maybe it was the substances I'd ingested, or the fact I'd just been partying for 11 hours straight, but her rendition of Kiss Your Mama (official vid clip below) at Sleaze was fantastic. Would've loved to see her close out the party with a couple more songs, tho...

2) I could be so disgusted by a play that I would walk out of it

I went to see the STC run of Don's Party at the Opera House last night. Halfway through the first act, I found myself feeling the most intense case of cultural cringe such that I had to step out of the theatre.

Now, admittedly, it could have been just from watching an STC play - I'm such a theatre snob that I rarely can stomach the 'mainstream' companies. Personally, I'm more comfortable with an amateur company that ambitiously attempts a new play and fails than watching a big company (like Sydney Theatre Company) do yet another ho-hum interpretation of another 'iconic' Australian playwright.

Couple that with my general dislike of anything related to Australian culture between 1940 and 1990, and I pretty much set myself up. The funny thing, is that a) I've always wanted to see Don's Party performed, and b) I ended up enjoying the second act a lot better than the first, after an intermission-time discussion about my reaction.

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