Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's that self-indulgent time of the year again

Then again, what time of year isn't self-indulgent?

Oh, that's right: Yom Kippur.
Then again, being the good Jew* that I am, I observe my birthday more regularly.

Also, having the wonderful good friends that I do**, I'm always asked what they should get me. So, at Lady M's specific instruction, I have updated my Amazon wishlist in the leadup to my twenty-nth birthday.

Here it is people.
* By Jew, I mean "Ukrainian ex-Catholic middle-class poofter". Strangely enough, even a lot of Jewish people seem not to understand the difference. I had a few young hasidic kids throwing off Shaloms to me on Friday at Bondi Junction Westfield. Maybe it's cos Hasidism started up in Ukraine?
** This part is true.


cvm said...

Excellent - love Lady M's planning. Just tell me you've updated all your contact details on there and I may just get something together.. x

Bads33d said...

You know, I completely didn't think about that. All done now, though. :)

Zena said...

Interesting to know.