Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Walking home from work, I saw this amazing sight.

This young girl was standing outside of Wynyard station smoking.

She was about 5'10, with long black hair tied back in a ponytail with a red matte ribbon. She wore a tight pink shirt, and this floating, pleated blue dress. Her dark skin seemed to just exaggerate the whole 50s look.

The girl stood legs and back straight, leaning forward by bending at the waist. Her hand was curved round to the side; if she had been standing straight, she could almost be about to execute a pirhouette.

Every time she would go to puff, she would lean in to her unmoving arm. She'd inhale, and then lean further to exhale, her face staring upright into the straight, emotionless. She'd then lean back up slightly, to about 15 degrees below standing straight.

She just kept repeating this motion.

I couldn't work out whether she was a performance artist, a highly mannered smoker or a wanker.

UPDATE: I am officially an arsehole wanker. It turns out the girl is mentally disabled. I, on the other hand, feel really evil.

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